FIFA 10 is officially the premiere soccer game for Android phones. Featuring many of the options and controls of its big brother on the consoles, players will be able to control their favorite team or create their own player to control. The controls of this game are pretty decent with a virtual joystick and a large number of passes that can be performed with just the two buttons on screen.

With a slide or a double tap, players can execute a through ball or pop the ball up to lob it over the heads of the opposing team. The game flowed very smooth overall but I wasn’t without my concerns. The main concern that comes up almost immediately is the almost always present framerate issues. The game runs smooth, but it will occasionally get framerate hiccups that will eventually get annoying. The AI in the game does a decent job when playing on harder levels but on lower levels, it if pretty much dumb.

Overall, the game does a great job bringing the FIFA experience to the Android platform and making it all work. The occasional framerate issues are forgivable when you experience how much has actually been packed into the game. This game will definitely be a hit or miss for many of you as the controls can take some getting used to and the gameplay can be tough to manage. But overall it is definitely a solid release for a soccer game. Check it out.

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