Favorite First Aid For Kids Apps

Jul 6, 2012

As a mom, I’ve learned emergencies can happen in an instant. These are some apps I use and love for when those inevitable boo-boos happen.

iTriage Health

Put together by doctors, this is a handy little app for checking symptoms and potential causes. The cool thing is, it suggests medical providers or hospitals in the area, and can even connect you.


Pocket First Aid & CPR

Created by the American Heart Association, this is a really awesome act that I hope I never have to use! The tutorials and videos are easy to follow and you can choose from child, adult or infant, which is great for parents.


First Aid – American Red Cross

This app is amazing! Tons of pre-loaded content and frequent updates, I can search out tips on virtually any type of emergency. What’s also neat is taking quizzes to test your medical knowledge.


First Aid Checklist

Just a nice basic little app that helps you pack your own first aid kit. Going camping? Check out the suggestions. Live in an earthquake danger zone? This is your app.


ICE – In Case of Emergency

A little expensive, but a useful app to have for, wait for it … In case of emergency! It stores your medical info along with doctor and family contacts. Very good for those with allergies, seizures or the elderly.


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