Favorite Apps for Funny Videos

Jul 27, 2012

If you’re looking for a laugh, these apps will deliver the funny. Great way to kill some time or share some humor with your friends!

Funny Or Die

From the site started by the super funny Will Ferrell comes Funny or Die, the app. Offers up some awesome celebrity made web humor as well as user generated stuff. You can vote if something is “funny” or if it should “die.” Love this app!


Jimmy Kimmel Live Official App

I’ll admit that I typically can’t stay up late enough to catch Jimmy’s show, but I still love it. This app is an awesome way to check out clips from the show along with band performances. You can also connect with the cast on Twitter and Facebook.


Adam Carolla – Official App

Well, cheated a little bit because this is mainly an audio app, but it’s great that you can download his podcast and listen on the go. Really dig his humor, and the app works great!


The Colbert Report’s The Word

It’s quite possible the red state folks don’t dig Stephen Colbert, but they should! Everyone needs a little poking fun of from time to time. If you do in fact like his show, this app will keep you up to date on the go with clips from recent shows available to you.


The Daily Show Headlines

Absolutely love the Daily Show, so this app is a must have for my library. Love that I can watch the show when I’m on the road. Does have video playback issues now and then, but works well most of the time.


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