Fancy this, fancy that, and keep it all in the free Fancy app for Android. This app is designed for curators of style and those who love to live the high life. The Fancy app is like browsing through a free magazine filled with all your heart’s desires. The app’s modern design scheme is very user friendly, simple to use, and aesthetically appealing. I would classify it as what Gowalla is to FourSquare, Fancy is to Pinterest.

The best way I can sum up this app is that it is very similar to Pinterest in style and function. The basic premise is to bookmark images that you like and share with others. You can search images by category or just browse through the images that people you follow have posted. You can also comment on photos and add to certain lists you create, much like Pinterest’s “Pinboards.”

To be honest, I’m not sure which website/app came first, Pinterest or Fancy, but they are super-similar and offer the same basic experience. Both have categories to search through as well as personal pinning or fancying of images. Users can connect their Fancy account with Twitter and Facebook to easily find other users of the app. Not many of my social media friends are using Fancy yet, but I was still able to find a ton of stuff that I “fancy” like fashion, pet photos, recipes and more.

Both are ideal places to create dream closets and themes for one-day weddings. One big difference worth noting is Fancy’s “deal” section, which is filled with special offers and rewards.

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