At long last, Facebook has finally offered a viable Android version of its popular mobile app. Also new to the Android Market this week is the public launch of the social music service Rdio, as well as Lonely Planet bringing augmented reality to its travel apps. Here are the top Android apps of the week.

Social, media & more

Lookout Security showed the depth of Android security issues, while its free app offers protection from malware and data harvesting that you (and even some app developers) don’t know about.

Navigating the local scene

Lonely Planet has updated its army of Android apps to support augmented reality features.  You can now see local attractions information overlaid on your phone, based on your GPS location.  Priced at $4.99, each Lonely Planet guide is specific to a popular travel destination, including Rome, Hong Kong and Amstrdam.


Shopkick is gearing up to launch a new app for retailer check-ins.  Linking to your Foursquare account, the Shopkick app will automatically confirm your location and check in for you, without pulling your phone out of your pocket. The same company behind Causeworld, Shopkick knows a thing or two about the check-in game.

For more check-in fun, keep an eye out for the Hotlist Android app.  It will tell you where the best places are in town, as well as where your friends will be.  It only makes sense for this service to go mobile.

The Chicago Blackhawks had a championship season last year, and fans can get even more involved with the NHL team’s upcoming Android app.  Slated for a mid-September release (when training camp starts), the free app will feature game highlights, player info, news, stats and photos.