Video chats are so much more fancy and fun than your typical phone call. Even if you don’t have a secondary front facing camera—and have to get creative with a mirror—video calls leave a whole lot less to the imagination

Once you’ve experienced the possibility of being able to make a surprise appearance at a birthday party, show your mom your latest haircut (photos just won’t do it justice), or taken your best friend on a virtual tour of your new house, it’s hard to imagine life without that technology.

Unfortunately, depending upon which kind of Android device you have, finding a video calling service that works just right can be a bit of a challenge. Some apps won’t support your front-facing camera, others are very selective about which kind of phone they will run on, and many won’t allow you to call up those friends who happen to have iOS devices.

To help you find the app that works best for your device (and for your social life), we’ve provided a list of some the best free video calling apps available for Android.

Yahoo! Messenger Plug-in from the Android Market to make video calls. This app won’t support your front facing camera, but you can still get the job done with your rear camera, so here’s where a mirror will come in handy. When you’re not making video calls, you can keep in touch with all of your friends on Yahoo!, Facebook and Windows Live.

Google Talk by Google

Because most, if not all Android users have Gmail accounts, the newly-added video chatting feature is very convenient to have on hand. Sadly though, only users with Android 2.3 and up have the option to make these calls from the Talk app on their Android devices—that’s just 10 percent of all Android users. Google Talk’s chat is pretty neat because you’re able to continue multi-tasking even while you’re on a video call. Your text messages can be overlaid onto your screen, and the video will automatically pause even as the audio continues just in case you need to check out your phone’s home screen or look at another app.