Eyecon stands out as a dialer alternative centered around the individual with a myriad of features including full screen photos, all-in-one communication and something called ‘Can Talk’ to check contacts availability before dialing. Some competitors offer similar (though in my unbiased opinion not as strong) alternatives, however they all either cost money or are riddled with ads. Eyecon is completely free and doesn’t have any advertisements.

What is Eyecon? Eyecon is a brand new picture-based phonebook app with the aim of reshaping the way you use your smartphone and becoming your main communication app. This app helps you to improve the look of your phonebook and dialer screen. You can add photos for each of your contacts and control how you appear on other people’s smartphones. By quickly and easily connecting with social media and messaging apps, Eyecon allows you to stay within one app for all your communication instead of opening up different applications each time you want to connect with someone. The ultimate goal is to help you communicate through a simple, photo-based approach.

Why You Need Eyecon? The visual approach of Eyecon makes it easy to recognize your contacts instantly. The photos will appear both when you call these persons and when they call you. Thanks to the full-screen picture, you don’t even have to read the contact names to recognize them. The bright, clearly separated icons make it very easy to accept or decline the call. You can connect to various social media networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Google Hangouts along with the email and messaging apps. The app will automatically pull the photos from various social media networks and other communication tools. You can review these photos and delete or replace photos as necessary. Eyecons’s intuitive user interface adapts to your usage style. Your most dialed contacts will be displayed first so that you can call them quickly. Other communication icons will help you simplify the dialing process. The app also allows you to brand yourself. You can control how your photo and other information appear in the address book of other people. It is possible to set which photo they will see when you are calling them.

Additional Features Eyecon also comes with a few additional features, the most interesting of which is ‘Can Talk’. I think most of you have that experience when you need to talk to another person but don’t know whether that person is available or not. On those situations, you feel really confused and hope there was something that can help you out. Well, Eyecon’s ‘Can Talk’ is the feature you are hoping for. This handy feature allows you to check whether your friend, family member or any other person is available or not. If that person is busy at that moment, he/she can let you know or call you back later. This will be a big help in times of confusion.

How to Use Eyecon? The simple registration process of the app allows you to avoid the long registration system by using your mobile number. It is rare and refreshing to not have to give an email or Facebook login to try out an app. Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you just need to provide your mobile number. The app will send you a verification code. You are good to go as soon as you verify your mobile number.

Eyecon displays a grid-based list of all your contacts. The search bar on top allows you to find out a specific contact. For each contact, you can assign a photo manually or let the app get a photo. If that contact is not using Eyecon, you can use the invite button to send them a link to the app. It is also possible to mark a contact as favorite. The favorite contacts will be displayed before the regular contacts. Tapping the ‘Me’ button will take you to a screen where you can choose your own photo. You can pick a photo from the gallery or take a photo instantly and use it as your Eyecon picture. There are separate buttons for viewing the history and bringing up the dialer screen. Should You Use Eyecon? If you are one of those rare individuals, who use a feature phone or use their smartphone only for media consumption, you might not need Eyecon. But for the regular user who spends quite some time talking on the phone, Eyecon could be a very useful app.

The present system of calling a contact is boring and counter-intuitive. You need to open the contact list and find out the contact from the text list. In contrast, Eyecon offers a visually attractive way to find out your desired contact. The fixed search bar on top displays matching contacts as you type the search term. Granted, this is nothing new. But Eyecon takes it to another level by displaying the contact image too. That means you can find out the desired contact within seconds. What’s more, you can have instant access to your frequent contacts by adding them to your favorite list. In a nutshell, if you want a faster, better way to manage your contacts and handle your dialer screen, give Eyecon a try. Final Words While there are several other phonebook apps out there, none of these utilize photos as much as Eyecon does, and none of them are free or without ads. If you are a regular person like me, you spend quite some time on the phonebook and dialer apps. Install Eyecon to make communication better and centered around people.