There’s been a second wave of Siri clones on the rise this week, with the launch of Evi gaining plenty of attention. While Android users seek their own version of the popular iPhone 4S artificial intelligence assistant, Evi, SimSimi and others have continued to gain traction in the Android Market. Lookout Labs unveiled a great app for visualizing mobile security threats, giving you deeper insight to malware behavior over time. also broke out with an Android app this week, joining the top real estate resources in the Market.

The task managers to challenge all other task managers, Producteev sets out to combine your to-do list with the tools you need to manage, track and share your tasks. The key to Producteev is its integration with other services, from the expected (Google Calendar) to the specialized (AIM). You can send and discuss tasks over chat, SMS and email, and you can even outsource your tasks directly to TaskRabbit. Producteev is all about the cloud, syncing your tasks and their integrated services across mobile and web platforms, smartphones and desktops. But what makes Producteev really stand out is its ability to help you get it all done.

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