Evernote has updated its Android app this morning, noting in its blog that this is the “biggest leap in functionality we’ve ever had on any platform in a single release.” That’s quite a statement, given Evernote’s lagging Android app, though Evernote’s spread its note-taking app across Apple, Android, Windows and RIM devices.

Interface improvements

The best changes made to Evernote’s Android app relate to the improved interface. It’s much easier to interact with, and gain access back to your notes. A visual swipe has been added to your notes folders, so browsing back through your memories is more easily triggered with the mobile app.

Evernote’s also added a search tab to most screens in the app, so it’s easier to leap from one area of your notes to another. The new ability to group notes based on location, or month makes it easier to filter through your content based on memorable triggers.

Premium ideals

If you’re a premium Evernote user, you now have offline notebook access on your phone. It saves notes to your SD card, and essentially brings your note search to your device for guaranteed, on-demand access.

Evernote’s always been a stand-out app because of its organization around the real world, enabling users to access their data the same way they access a memory. The improvements to Evernote’s Android app gets the mobile experience much closer to the company ideal in helping us truly arrange our lives sensibly.