Some of us get our best ideas in the weirdest of places. Whether it’s on a train heading into town or while we’re on the run (literally), many of these ideas quickly slip away before we have a chance to grab a pen and paper.

Evernote, thankfully, turns your phone into a nearly perfect thought-recording device. Whether you prefer typing notes, taking pictures, or recording audio, Evernote makes it super-easy to capture any idea in real time, and then sync it with your computer (Mac/PC), iPhone or Android.

However, it’s not perfect. The app lacks any kind of sorting or organization tool for your notes. Plus, the app is useless without an always-on Internet connection and an Evernote account.

Finally, older notes sometimes have the nagging habit of being unavailable. The folks at Evernote Corp. have pledged gobs of cash to upgrade and extend the capabilities of this popular application, however, so we’ll probably see all of these issues resolved in the coming months.

For now, it’s worth your time to install and get comfortable with the app. After all, when pen and paper are unavailable, we all need to record those million-dollar ideas somehow. And your trusty Droid is always with you, ready to serve.