This week’s releases put modern spins on old-fashioned things, whether that’s shopping, reading, listening to music, or even managing your investments! Topping the list is everyone’s favorite place to shop for unique, handmade arts, crafts, toys, and decorations, Etsy! We’ve also got a Rhapsody update, a new alternative eBook reader, a Personal Capital Investing app, and the best thing to ever hit the Internet, Adblock Plus!

Flipkart Flyte eBook (Free)

People interested in reading books on their tablets and phones should check out Flipkart Flyte eBooks, an alternative eBook reader/shop with plenty of handy features. Here you can check out samples of books before you buy and access them across multiple devices. The service will even bookmark your progress for when you switch to a new device. Literature students can also make use of the highlighting and note-taking features of the app. This is a solid app with a streamlined interface, and it’s always nice to have more good options in the app world!

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