This week’s releases are pretty heavily focused on streaming and media, from motion comics to movies, and even Pokémon! Our top app is eTrizzle, a media hub that makes it easier than ever to find content you want without having to check multiple sources. We’ve also got a great app for helping your friends and family with technical problems, a launcher with a built-in social network, an interesting app for checking out digital motion comics, and yes, an app dedicated entirely to the Pokémon TV show!

eTrizzle (Free)

As brick and mortar video stores hang on for dear life over the perilous pits of obsolescence, media soaks like myself are being faced with brand new problems. For example, with so many streaming and digital rental/purchase services, how do I keep track of which services have which movies, or which would be the most cost effective? That’s easy! I just use eTrizzle! It brings all the catalogues of the big streaming services into one handy place, from Netflix to iTunes to Amazon to Crackle to HBO GO. Now it’s much less frustrating to find that one obscure Takashi Miike horror flick you wanted to see…

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Optia (Free)

People in my generation, and the several that come after it, pretty much have all had the unique privilege of acting as personal tech support teams for our parents, auntie, or grandparents. From teaching them how to text message to fixing their phone settings or even teaching them how to properly close apps, the questions never seem to end. With Optia, our jobs just became even easier. Optia lets you share screens between different devices, so you can easily give instructions. You can even highlight different areas of the screen, and there are more features, like step-by-step instructions, coming in future updates. You’re welcome, Grandma.

NARR8 (Free)

Digital motion comics have gained more and more traction as a legitimate entertainment medium. Barely animated with a bit of voice acting, properties as big as Watchmen and Buffy The Vampire Slayer have been brought to life through the motion comic treatment. NARR8 is an app dedicated to bringing episodic motion comic content to us all, completely for free. The comics in this app don’t have the nearly the pedigree of those I listed above, but they’re still solid stories that come in quite a variety of genres and styles. Of course, you can share what you’re viewing through social networks as well. At no cost, this is a very interesting app to check out.

Pokémon TV (Free)

This app may not be the top app of the week, but it is the top app of my heart. Granted, I pretty much gave up on Pokémon after the games Silver and Gold were released, and stopped watching the show around the third movie about a decade ago. But that doesn’t make this app any less awesome, for adults, children, and parents who need to distract their children alike. You can watch Ash Ketchum defy nature and avoid puberty through years and years of the show, all through this app, completely free, with a huge selection of episodes to watch alongside special features and trailers. I suddenly feel like dusting off my old Pokémon card collection! But first…

Sulia Quick Launch (Free)

Closing out our weekly list is this great new launcher app. Sulia Quick Launch lets you check out social network feeds from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, plus search the web, all directly from your lock screen. That’s right, you don’t even have to unlock your screen to check Facebook anymore. Just imagine the nanoseconds you’ll save! But seriously, this app is very convenient. Upon unlocking the screen, it’s easy as can be to access your camera, dial pad, recent apps, messages, etcetera, all while keeping you connected to the Sulia social network for sharing news on all sorts of topics of interest.