Rooting your Android device unlocks some of its inner potential. Manufacturers and carriers commonly offer their own Android skins and apps, but if you want to run a custom ROM (or skin) and perhaps even rid the device of apps you don’t want or need, rooting is the way to go. Rooting can often lead to performance updates and free your device from other limitations. Exercise caution though – every device is different and you will need a little technical knowledge and follow instructions carefully for your particular device. Before you get started, or just after you’ve gone through the unlocking/rooting process, you should make sure you have the following apps on hand.

pro version, ROM Toolbox offers pretty much all the features rooted users need in a single app. While some users prefer individual apps for each purpose, there’s no denying that ROM Toolbox offers a lot for the newly-rooted smartphone/tablet owner including the ability to download and flash ROMs, app backup, CPU speed control, a root file browser, a scripter, an ad-blocker and theme manager. It’s easy to use and gets regular updates.