The app interfaces feels thought through. In fact, the phone app takes advantage of the touch screen in such a way that it’s better than reading the blog on the web, which is the best you can hope for when talking about web sites converted into phone applications. It’s faster and easier to scroll through blog posts in the app than on the web, because you can flick upward and downward much more quickly than with a mouse and keyboard. Also, instead of moving through large entries, the app’s posts are condensed, and open when you tap them. With a couple of taps, you can flick through photo galleries or share stories with your friends through Facebook, Twitter or email.

Engadget is an AOL brand, and therefore has the funding and support to broaden their offerings. Regarding media, Engadget has expanded to audio podcasts and a full-on video show that looks broadcast quality. Both of these formats are accessible via the Android app. In content, Engadget now features the original Engadget blog, which focuses on general high-tech products and services; Engadget Mobile, covering the mobile phone/computing industry, and Engadget HD, for all things television. You can jump to these different channels through a drop-down on the main menu.

If you need to stay in the know about the latest gadgets, I say check it out.

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