Ready for a puzzle-filled fantasy adventure? Whether or not you played the first edition in this series, feel free to jump on board – literally, as in a balloon ride to the Sky Temple – for some challenging fantasy fun in Empress of the Deep 2.

The game arrives filled with wonderful detail, from the lush landscapes, to excellent animated introduction and cut scenes between levels. Empress of the Deep 2 features professional voice actors and a dreamy soundtrack. Even on a phone-sized screen the game envelopes you in the story about Anna, an empress from beneath the waves, who, at the beginning of this tale, awakes alone and confused, washed up on the beach of a magical island. A helpful book full of clues and a talking dolphin set her off on her quest to free the children from the Sky Temple.

To reach the Sky Temple, Anna first needs to repair a damaged hot-air balloon, and thus begins the puzzle challenges. You’ll have to search the colorful scenes to find a basket to ride in, patches for the ripped balloon and a power source. If you get stuck, pressing the “Hint” button with highlight where to look. An inventory bag lets you collect objects you’ll need to solve later puzzles.

The puzzles range from simple search and find, to spelling out roman numerals, to jigsaw-style pattern matching and more. To me, they seemed challenging enough to keep you thinking but not so hard as to stop the story: a great mix to keep the action moving.

I’ve enjoyed the game very much so far and will continue playing after I finish this review. Check it out for yourself.

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