Eliminate the Inconvenience of Missed calls with InstaVoice

May 29, 2017

Missing a phone call can be a stressful experience, especially in professional settings or in emergency situations when receiving a message is critical. This problem is further amplified if the source or person who originated the call is unknown for those who do not have voicemail or caller ID enabled in their phone plan.

To counter the inconvenience associated with not know who has called when a user is not able to answer the phone, InstaVoice is able to capture the information that phone providers lack with a centralized solution.

In situations where a user may not have connection to their cellular network or is unable to answer a call, the InstaVoice app records messages that have been left by callers as well as missed call details. Furthermore, with this information, it is extremely easy to reply with just a single tap directly from the app instead of having to leave to use the dedicated phone app. As the missed calls and messages are separated by the time that they were received, they can be directly accessed without having to listen to a series of old ones to get to the latest message.

InstaVoice app records messages that have been left by callers as well as missed call details.

Even for those with multiple phones such as a separate one for work and personal use, the app is perfect in aggregating all of the calls to a single app so that users can manage all of their missed calls at once. Furthermore, InstaVoice does not only let users know that they have missed a call or voicemail, but also collects, stores, and saves it for later. Once a user opens the app, the main screen is blank until there are missed calls which are then logically separated to a series of tabs including voicemails, missed calls, and chats for easier navigation and playback.

As one of the differentiating features of InstaVoice is that it is able to identify the callers even if users are out of their network coverage, users are usually not made aware that calls have even been made until they are back to an area where they are connected. This constraint means that for those with caller ID, the source of their calls are recorded and thus users are able to contact the person who they missed when they are back on their network and little use for InstaVoice. However, in order to make the app applicable to even those who are able to identify the callers when they are not available to take a call, users can receive notification of missed calls and the details straight to their emails. This means that for those who are often travelling or have a weak signal at certain locations, email notifications are received prior to actually connecting to a signal so that they can make a call from a different source.

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As an app with a large suite of tools designed to help users manage their missed calls, InstaVoice is a ideal for those who are unavailable or travelling without a connection to a cellular network. From identifying callers, storing voice messages, sending email notifications, and even managing several devices at once, the app is highly recommended as a means of ensuring that missed calls are returned quickly.

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