The long list of free content includes:

* Ohm’s Law* Resistor Color Code* Voltage Designer* Resister Ratio (Value/Series/Parallel)* Operational Amplifier* LED Resistor* LM317 Calculator* Heat Dissipation* Pin-Out (HDMI, DVI, SCART)* Support EIA Resistor Series* AWG, SWG Wire Size

The interface is clutter-free, easy to read and spot-on. Even the small on-screen ads are out of the way in the footer.

After perusing the current set of content, I was not surprised to see many requests for additional content in the comments posted by users in the marketplace.

What did surprise me were comments like this: “Asked for chart of standard resistor values in ‘resources,’ and it was added the next day!” (Adam: 9/26/10) Clearly Demetrio Iero, the app’s creator, is working hard to expand his creation to cater to the needs of the techie crowd. And a responsive developer is a good developer.

I’m no expert in electronics, but clearly this app serves as a model of what free, hands-on Droid reference apps can offer to users worldwide. App developers: Keep it clean, clear and content-rich. ElectroDroid sets the standard by which you will be judged. The marketplace has spoken.

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