MyRoute Multi Stop Navigation is an advanced navigation app which comes along with a variety of destination capabilities. Primarily, it can assist the users to engage with multi-stop route planning in an effective manner. Once the route is planned with MyRouteOnline multiple stop route planner, users simply need to follow it with a GPS or another navigational device until they have covered the entire route. From optimizing their route with this system, drivers are able to save fuel, time, and costs as opposed to following an unplanned route.

One of the most unique features of MyRouteOnline is that it gives users the ability to upload a map consisting of multiple locations in order to start route planning. Automatically, the app will plan out the trip in the most efficient way possible without further input, resulting in ease of planning multiple stop trips and the time associated with such activities. These routes can be imported from a variety of file formats to include CSV, Text, and Excel files or alternatively from cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive, giving users the maximum flexibility in their input preferences.

With the potential of managing up to 350 different addresses per a particular journey, the routes imported into the MyRoute app can be saved for future usage as whenever a previous route needs to be accessed, all that is required is a simple reload. Moreover, the app makes it possible for the users to add the specific service times for each of the locations that they must stop at. With this, users are able to better plan their routes and how long each stop will take in order to maximize the distance covered within a set time.

Once all data has been inputted, MyRouteOnline can be used in order to optimize the route based on four parameters, balanced time, balanced distance, minimum time, and minimum distance. It is also possible to do manual changes in the app in order to get the precise route according to different situations. Beyond just for personal use, the territories and multi-routing is another important feature that is offered which is tailored to commercial and business use. Through this feature, users are able to plan an unlimited number of routes at one time, making it highly applicable for delivery companies and for those who must stop in many places per trip. This offers a cheaper alternative to commercial tools aimed at providing the same service.

With the ability to export the routes to other navigational resources such as Google Maps or GPS, the accuracy and efficiency of MyRoute Multi Stop Navigation app offers one of the cheapest and most effective available resources for both commercial and personal use for multi stop navigation.