Labor Day Weekend grew out of the strife unions faced during the early reform of U.S. labor laws. And to commemorate, we take an extra Monday off and say farewell to summer. The holiday has become many things to many people, and Android can accommodate every last one. Whether you celebrate with a backyard barbecue, or spend a day sniffing out a good sale, Labor Day Weekend has become a welcome and necessary transition into a new season.

Retro Camera (Free)

There’s something nostalgic about the holidays, and even with the modern advances of Android smartphones, a retro camera effect can add an extra touch of realism to any captured moment. Retro Camera has five camera settings to choose from, giving you an array of vintage effects for your photos. Remember Polaroids? Replicate them with the Retro Camera app. You can even share photos with friends in the form of a postcard, which is a nice touch if you’re traveling during Labor Day weekend.