I’ve been known to peruse a celebrity web site now and again, but have never felt an urgent need to see a video of Bristol Palin on “Dancing With the Stars” while waiting in line for the train. However, the point of this app is: You have that option, and the video will be easy to find. This app has a horizontal ticker of celebrity video clips that zip by as you scroll through the list of articles neatly gridded out underneath. What’s more, there are other options, like clips of shows from E! television and photo galleries of Party Pics and Fashion Police offenses. You can also customize your own list of favorite celebrities.

I have to tell you: I’m not really interested in many of these celebrities, because I don’t know who they are. What I am interested in is the list of clips of “Talk Soup” available in the E! Shows category, which undoubtedly will keep me from dumping this app into my tiny Droid garbage can.

You can watch other shows too, like “Chelsea Lately” and whatever else they have on E! (They have other shows on E!?) But the most impressive aspect of this application is how organized it is. So many categories displayed in an intuitive manner. A nice, clean grid that makes different kinds of media easy to find. The videos are with the other videos! The photo galleries are not jumbled up with the show clips! I just might become more familiar with Justin Bieber that I ever could have imagined.