From arena fighting to endless running to unleashing the devastating wrath of God, this week brings us a wide spectrum of game types to tap into. Topping the list is Dungeon Hunter 3 from Gameloft. While it’s a departure from the previous Dungeon Hunter games, it’s still a lot of fun. We also have an endless runner from BulkyPix, a puzzler from Miniclip, a retro revival from SNK Playmore, and much, much more. Here are this week’s top Android games!

Slime vs. Mushroom. It’s a totally different game but uses the exact same art style, so maybe these games share one universe or something. In this game, you play as an old retired wizard who has nothing better to do than to keep a bunch of really odd looking sheep out of a farm, or something. You do this by nuking them with various spells of course! As you level up, you’ll get new spells, and they’ll get more sheep, and before you know it this simple game gets very frantic and fun. It seems like a first person tower defense game really, with you playing as the one and only tower. It will probably push IAP somewhere down the line, but it’s still worth playing until then.