The Sketcher app for your Android phone isn’t your professional artist’s drawing tablet. Instead, it’s a very simple program that might cure your boredom for a little while, but serves no other useful purpose.

For starters, it’s not very accurate. What appears on the screen, the results of you having dragged your finger across it, doesn’t always turn out how you might expect. If you’re content drawing simple shapes and designs, this probably won’t bother you, but if you’re more interested in sketching objects with more detail, you’ll probably become quickly frustrated with Sketcher.

The program has a few different styles of brushes, including Simple, Sketchy, Shaded, Chrome, Fur, Web and Ribbon, each with it’s own special effect. Instead of creating a simple line when you drag your finger across the screen (with the exception of the Simple brush) the app creates an effect that looks like the kind of technique a professional artist might use. Because each brush makes a different effect, and these brushes sometimes overlap strangely when you use multiple brushes, it might be helpful to try them all before starting work on a tedious project.

On that note, however, users should be warned that this is not the kind of app you should use for professional or other serious purposes. While it’s fun to play around with in the waiting room, the app is not very reliable, and you can easily lose a drawing at any time. I found that if I temporarily switched to another app or took a phone call, I lost my drawing.

The app’s design is as complicated as an old-fashioned drawing pad. When the app launches, you can start painting right away if you’d like. Click your menu key, and you can choose different colors and brushes, share your masterpiece or save it, or clear the canvas and start over.