Android may have missed out on the original, but thankfully publisher Chillingo drives the popular Draw Race sequel to Android devices everywhere. Like its title implies, Reckless Racing. While it’s certainly nice to look at visually, it doesn’t offer much differentiation from the aforementioned games. What keeps Draw Race 2 unique from games in its own genre is its gameplay.

Using their finger, players predetermine their vehicle’s route within a track by tracing it to their ideal line. It sounds incredibly simple but there’s an underlying science to its method. Just drawing your desired track won’t cut it. You need to take advantage of realistic physics by slowing down at a turn and quickly speeding up as you leave the bend. It’s not entirely deep but it does give you a sense of control. A rechargeable boost also lets you quickly catch up.

Draw Race 2 is chock full of features. The addition of multiplayer is a no-brainer and its addition expands it replay value tenfold. The campaign mode is just as extensive, with a slew of challenges (over 180) that will keep perfectionists busy.

As a racing game, the importance of vehicles can make or break game. The developers did a fine job crafting a host of vehicles. Various cars are track-oriented, with some tuned well to snow-filled stages.

30 tracks, 16 vehicles, 180 challenge, and two- to four-player multiplayer sessions, Draw Race 2 speeds up on Android with horns blaring. If you’re looking for a chance of pace from your everyday racer, call shotgun and go behind the wheel of Draw Race 2.