Hankering for a delicious pizza delivery? The free Dragon Go! app is a super fast way to conduct voice searches on your Android phone. Simply open the app, press the red button, and ask Dragon Go! to find Yelp! reviews for the closest pizza delivery joints. You can also ask it to call the nearest pizza place for you. Changed your mind and want reservations to dine out instead? Simply ask Dragon Go! to help you make that reservation with OpenTable.

I was seriously impressed by how speedy the search was on my Motorola Droid X with this smart app. So of course, I had to test it out to see if this handy-dandy app could find me some cute Sheltie videos. And, it did. Local nail salon that is open tomorrow? Check. Movie times for this coming weekend? Oh yeah. What can’t Dragon Go! find for me? I also love the way it organizes the search results into tabs. This makes it so easy to navigate through all the results.

A ton of search engines are interactive with this app delivering you dependable results on a regular basis. This clever app also interacts with your other Android apps to find directions, music, movies, reviews, etc.

The design of the Dragon Go! Android app is easy to use and easy on the eyes. The introduction tutorial is quick and to the point. The “What can I say?” and “What’s supported?” sections of the app are handy reference guides that can be accessed quickly, not hidden in obscurity. You can also set up the app to connect to your social media accounts in case you want to share some of your search results such as dinner reservations, movie times, and so on. You’ll definitely want to try out this free app.

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