Music lovers who are crazy about programs like Limewire, though, might find this app to be too tedious. This app is different from the more-standard P2P apps, in that you can’t go crazy downloading whole albums or .ZIP files of tons and tons of songs. Music Wizard Downloader is set up for users to download one song at a time.

You have the option to preview a song before downloading it, but I found that this feature only worked 50 percent of the time. I would often encounter a “streaming error” from the network, and I would just have to hope that the track I chose was the right one. I also noticed that when the preview option did work, the app would often play the entire song. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, just a little strange, seeing that I’m used to the one-and-a-half minute run on iTunes.

In addition to allowing you to download songs, Music Wizard Downloader also provides you with the tools you need to make your own ringtones. The process is easy, similar to what you would see on a website like Phonezoo, where you move the sound-editing bars back and forth across the screen to indicate where you want a song to start and end.

I was especially pleased to find that if you have a high-quality song, you’re pretty much guaranteed a high-quality ringtone. When you’re done, the app asks if you want to save it for later, assign it to a particular person or make it your default ringer. You can even share it with friends.

Music Wizard Downloader is a great, free way to download music, and make your own ringtones. It has its flaws, but beause it’s free, it’s certainly worth checking out.