Once the desktop client is up and running, the program will scan your drive(s) for media files – both music and video. Creating playlists involves dragging and dropping files; grab more than four at a time and you’ll be giving your machine the three-fingered salute to start over again. When you have your playlists created, sync with your phone. Syncing a second time results in some files and playlists being copied twice?

Converting native iTunes albums into MP3 format seemed to work just fine, until I discovered that the meta data (song title, album, etc.) didn’t come along for the ride. Ouch. Deleting files was problematic (didn’t work), plus you’ll need to download your video podcasts to your desktop client, and then sync them to your phone. There’s no functionality for grabbing your ‘casts directly to your phone using the Player.

You can set specific tracks to be your ringtone, and the app does directly link to the Amazon MP3 store to let you purchase and play back purchases.

Still, the final straw for me was when the app seemed to randomly play music even when my phone was locked. Odd, to say the least.

Until the developer works out the kinks, stay far away from the doubleTwist player. Trust me.