Dose Direct is the answer to that problem. It aims toward everyone who is taking more than one medicine, or someone who constantly has to remind their loved one not to forget doing so.

Dose Direct has a beautiful and engaging timeline. It is easy to watch which medicine is coming up next, or see the full weekly intake. With Dose Direct, following medicine prescription is actually simple.

Dose Direct also features Medicine & Appointment Scheduling: Add Medicine & Doctor Appointments to daily schedule in simple and intuitive way. Set a name, schedule, and time to be reminded. Everything is just a couple of taps away.

Inventory Tracker: Setting an inventory management is also possible and painless. Users can easily set the number of medicine units they have left and be reminded when their inventory is running out.

Advanced Medicine Management: Advanced users can categorize their medicine under Groups and Doctors, allowing them to easily find the medication they need.

You can view schedule in daily or weekly mode, each with their own advantages. While daily mode allows for more complete viewing of schedule, the required dosage and instructions, weekly mode lets users scan all their medications and make adjustment as necessary. Medicines that are taken, missed or ignored are categorized by colors, which make viewing even simpler for users.