Doodle jump is one of those games that you hear people say cliche things like easy to pick up, impossible to put down. The game is very simple to explain. Take your little green alien looking creature and jump as high as you can, while avoiding obstacles, enemies, and falling past the bottom of the screen. The gameplay is similar to old school arcade games like Q-Bert and Pogo Joe for the C64.

The accelerometer lets you tilt your device left or right to direct your creature to either side. Also the screen wraps around, so you can leave the screen on one side and come out the other. It took seconds to get a grasp on the controls, and was easy to get to a certain height. The visuals all have that hand drawn look to them, which is where the Doodle comes from in the title. There also are springs and other tools to help you get higher as well as traps to avoid.

The replay factor is the big seller for this type of game. Play once to get used to it, play again to get better, and then you are hooked. Doodle Jump makes it easy to track how well others are doing in the game. As you ascend higher and higher, you will see usernames to the right of the screen marking the height of previous players. Overall, the app is addicting and definitely worth the purchase. Check it out.

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