ard games run rampant in Google Play, and why wouldn’t they? A deck of cards comes with a curiously high number of game combinations, each with their own rules, challenges and triumphs. Solitaire and Hearts happen to be two of my all-time favorites, but the speedy rounds of a Blackjack table may be more your style. Either way, Android’s got ‘em, so shuffle up and deal.
UNO isn’t a card game played with a regular deck, but it’s a classic nevertheless. Match colors and numbers in this rousing card game, playing against the computer, online players, or in a round of pass-n-play. There are nine different rule sets, including 7-0 and Jump-in, so you can play like you did when we were kids, or try a new set at your discretion. This Gameloft title has been transitioned well to mobile gameplay, with smooth animations and easy directions all throughout. There are a few game features to unlock, like new table backgrounds just to switch things up. Achievements have been added as well, layering in more game incentives for your competitive nature.