Dot 3 is an easy-to-play, no fuss game that launches in about four seconds. That is probably its most endearing attribute. Open the app, hit play and you are on your way.

Things go downhill from there.

The objective of the game in short is: don’t get crushed. On your screen you will see several bars with gaps in-between. Your mission is to tilt your device to the left or right and move the ball into one of these gaps. Every other second a new bar is added, which brings the ball closer to the top of your screen. It is now up to you to move the ball into the gaps and make sure that you keep it as low as possible.

There are no settings or other controls for this game, you can’t really get more basic than that. After playing it a few times, I got a bit bored. Big surprise!

If you are into short and easy games that don’t really require you to think, then Dot 3 is for you. I would say install it on your phone and give it a try. But for those of us who appreciate some development and production quality, take a pass and move on to the next game.