Ever wondered what it might be like to be an insatiable undersea predator? Put your shark survival skills to the test with the Hungry Shark Free Android game. Complete with menacing music, polished graphics and punny shark jokes, this app is a killer of a casual game.

You’re a shark, complete with killer instincts and a hunger level that suggests some sort of tapeworm. Navigate the ocean in search of tasty treats by tilting your device, and get quick boosts by tapping the screen. Near the ocean’s surface, bite bikini-clad butts and peck at pelicans. Farther down in the briny deep, watch out for jellyfish, puffers and mines. In case you get bored with snack-chasing, your shark is also a connoisseur of antique vases and other hidden undersea treasures – collect bonus items for an extra challenge.

If you’re clumsy with the tilt controls, you’ll get used to them very quickly (or crash into a reef and find yourself belly up!). Movement is dynamic and fast-paced, but if you don’t pay attention to the hunger meter – which runs out rapidly – you might wind up as shark fin soup.

Stat-loving sharks will be a huge fan of the achievement tracking featured in this app: In addition to showing high scores, Hungry Shark Free also tracks time played, bonus items found, total eats, your shark’s size and scoring streaks.

Want to feel like a big fish? Compare high scores with your pals, and challenge them to chomping contests. (Incidentally, if you’d rather feel like a very tiny fish, check out the global high scores.)