The Seeds of Life Live Wallpaper app doesn’t seem like it would appeal to most people who own an Android phone. That’s because this wallpaper doesn’t really resemble seeds. It looks a lot more like a bunch of sperm swimming around your background.

Even if you were an individual who was excited about trying to get pregnant with your partner, and these days you always have babies on the brain, this wallpaper still seems a bit weird.

But, in any case, the way these little guys appear on your screen is very customizable. You can specify how quickly the seeds move, how many appear on the screen, what color they should be, and you can even customize the color of the background. The more exotic colors you choose, the more interesting the effect on the eye.

While the app seems to work fairly smoothly, I found that when I move my screen from portrait to landscape, the screen doesn’t flip to face me the way it normally does. The app seems to have disabled that function. Perhaps this is to decrease the chances of your phone freezing up.

From a technical standpoint, it is neat how the small seeds never stop moving, but I also noticed that having the live wallpaper active slightly diminished my battery life.

It’s hard to justify spending money on this download, even though it costs less than your average Droid app.