For some reason, no-one wants to talk over the phone anymore, which makes the new Domino’s Pizza USA app perfectly timed in its entry into the Google Play store. With it, you can feed your pizza hunger in a hurry and get notified along the way as the pizza gets made and delivered, all without saying a word.

The app’s design works beautifully. Upon launch, you’re asked if your order is for takeout or delivery and then it finds the nearest Domino’s Pizza either by checking your phone’s location or by you informing the app where to look via an address. For your order, you can pick from the restaurant’s full menu, complete with pictures and the ability to create special orders like extra toppings. In fact, you can place a fairly complex order in just a minute and the app will remember it in case you regularly want the same, or similarly items, in the future. Need a coupon? The app provides those too.

Just enter your credit card (or tell it you’ll pay by cash) and your address info – which again, the app will remember so you don’t have to enter it twice – and boom! You’re just a few minutes from a pizza fix. A helpful thermometer in the app displays when your order progresses from being made, cooked, quality-checked, and either set for pickup or sent out for delivery.

You can add Pizza Waiter to the long list of jobs your Android device has mastered. Check it out.