Losing weight can be as easy as watching what you eat and keeping a food diary. There are many fabulous Android apps that can help you reach your weight loss or even weight gain goals. The recently updated and free Calorie Counter by FatSecret Android app is just one of the more popular food diary apps and bonus.

Getting started with this tasty app is simple. You set up an account and set your weight loss goals. Then, it is up to you to enter your meal information each day. If you eat a lot of processed food from a package, you can simply scan the barcode to enter your meal. Any good dieter worth their weight in lettuce knows you should not be eating processed food if you are serious about getting healthy so this feature seems ridiculous to me. You can also enter meals by the “Quick Pick” feature allowing you to choose from foods, restaurants and fast food chains, popular brands, and supermarket brands. Once you’ve recorded a few days, you can choose from your most eaten, recently eaten, and saved meals.

You can also keep track of your exercise, monitoring calorie intake and the amount you burn. One feature this calorie counter app has, that sets it apart from other calorie counter apps, is suggested recipes and meal ideas. If you’re serious about eating healthy you have everything to lose with Calorie Counter by FatSecret.

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