An important element for many travelers is documenting their memories and experiences: 1 out of 3 travelers has already created a paper travel diary. However, a paper travel diary is hard to maintain and difficult to share with friends and family. An internet blog is easier to share, but requires a computer and a consistent internet connection.

Memotrips provides the solution to all of these problems right on your smartphone. This French startup is reinventing the travel diary by making it mobile, social, and fun. Since 91% of travelers already bring along their smartphone when traveling, Memotrips allows travelers the opportunity to create, save, and share their travel diaries right from their smartphone.

With Memotrips, travelers create a digital travel diary based on the trip dates, type of trip and countries visited

With Memotrips, travelers create a digital travel diary based on the trip dates, type of trip (backpacking, road trip, cruise, etc.), and countries visited. Then they place a level of confidentiality on their travel diary: public (visible by everyone), private (only those who are friends will be able to see and interact with the traveler), or personal (only the owner of the travel diary will have access to it). Next travelers complete their diary by adding stages, complete with photos, descriptions, locations, etc. Once the travel diary is created, it can be easily shared with friends and family by inviting them to Memotrips or by sending the link directly via email, WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. They can subscribe to be notified by email or push notification every time your travel diary is updated.

Don’t worry about racking up data fees when traveling internationally because Memotrips even works offline. There’s no need for an internet connection like with a blog. With Memotrips’ offline mode, you have full access to all of the applications’ functions even without the slightest internet connection. Whether it be for adding photos, creating a travel diary, or many other tasks, the application will work. Just connect to the internet during a break at a café or in a hotel and all of the data that you added will be automatically synced online.

Memotrips also works as a type of social network. Those who follow your travel diary will be able to stay in contact with you by posting comments on your travel diary or stages. Followers will also be able to get your opinions, advice, tips, stories, or just reassuring news about your travels. Future travelers can also use public travel diaries to get inspired and to prepare for their next trip. Using the advanced search function they can also explore other travel diaries according to the destination and the type of trip.

For those who still want to retain a physical memory from their trip, Memotrips is not just a digital travel diary: travelers and their followers can create personalized products, such as post cards, calendars, and even photo books based on their trip thanks to a partnership with Fujifilm. Travelers are able to personalize the space on these media and add their desired photos.

Thanks to Memotrips, the days of lugging around a paper travel journal or a computer to update your blog are over. The app has already been released in the French market for some time, and with over 15,000 users already signed up, has been met with a lot of success. It will be interesting to see how it competes with other similar apps like Bonjournal and TravelPod as it expands into English speaking markets. With its proximity to the travelers who use it and the innovation it brings to its web and mobile applications, Memotrips is sure to be the right app for saving and sharing your travels.

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