Grocery iQ has everything expected from an excellent shopping list application. Create multiple lists so you can dedicate one to your family’s groceries and another for the things you plan to serve at your upcoming dinner party. You won’t ever have to worry about forgetting anything because the app allows you to sort your list by aisle.

Grocery iQ also has a lot of useful coupons for well known products. It’s well organized, so you can quickly find a coupon when you’re next at the check out line. The one major flaw Grocery iQ has on tablets is actually out of its control. The smartphone version of Grocery iQ and other shopping list apps are more convenient on smaller devices.

Put away your pen and pad, and pick up your phone; you can build a new shopping list by speaking aloud (voice recognition), scanning a barcode, or using predictive search via a keyboard.

Easily tag specific items to appear in your Favorites list, then grab coupons delivered right to your handset. The first cashier I handed the phone to was a little perplexed, the beep didn’t lie. Saved $2.25 on my last trip alone, and impressed my wife to boot. With more than 100 coupons currently online, you can’t go wrong.

On top of it all, if your local chain store is listed, the app can help plan your shopping route ahead of time. Navigating the store has never been easier, saving you time as well as money. Although you can’t create a new list via the web (which I hope is in the works), you can share your list between DROIDs and email them to anyone you wish.

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