Just press the Stumble! icon to get new suggestions, and then, either select the thumbs up or the thumbs down icon so the smart app can learn your preferences. The discovery app is powered by user ratings, so take your thumb ratings seriously. Would you really recommend that crazy video to your mom? Okay, maybe you would.

This app is an ingenious way to waste time on your Android phone. In fact, it’s almost making downtime more productive by offering you information you might never have experienced otherwise. For instance, I’m a writer, so I selected writing as one of my preferences, and the app has suggested many great references for improving my writing skills and inspiration. Of course, I also enjoy the crazy and inane items the app brings up, like the recent article about “Deep-fried beer invented in Texas.”

Overall, I really can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t want to download this app, well maybe if you’re just a really boring person with no love for life.

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