Here are the week’s best Android apps.

New and updated

How about NFL Sunday Ticket to Go, on your Android? DirecTV brings a number of updates to its Android app, at $49.95 for existing customers with the satellite service add-on. Stream live games, and get score updates and game highlights. The app also has backlogged scores and stats and upcoming schedules, keeping you on top of your game.

Skyhook’s local positioning tool has been added to Layar, offering improved local search results. The integration is designed to work better than the native Android offerings, for a hyper-local look at a given position. This is the latest in integrated Layar tools, showing the popularity of augmented reality.

A new app for video junkies is RockPlayer Universal, a media player. The free Android app optimizes video content for mobile rendering, and is a unified app to work across the entire family of Android devices. The decoder simplifies your mobile media consumption, supporting FFmpeg, DivX and more.

Socialwok has launched an Android app, making its Google Apps and Microsoft Outlook social tools mobile. Create feeds around your social activity, post status updates and include attachments, such as Google Docs and photos. Free, Socialwok’s Android app can be used for business or personal content sharing.

DroidIris is a photo search tool, with an update for version 1.1.7. Free, the Android app pulls from Google images to create a 3D gallery that’s fun and interactive. Pinch-zoom, text and voice search and bookmarking options make it easy to find the images you’re looking for. Save them as a desktop wallpaper, share them with friends, and access your search history.

WorldMate has launched a travel itinerary app for Android, giving you a mobile organization set for flights, hotels and planned activities. Forward your confirmation emails to your WorldMate account, and the service does the rest for you. Free, the app has maps and directions, daily schedules, hotel-booking, weather forecasts and travel notifications.

Top performers

Skyfire reached the major milestone of 1 million downloads, making this mobile browser one popular Android app. Free, Skyfire comes with FroYo and Flash support, making it a great way to watch videos on a given web site. Skyfire also rolled out an update this week, pushing through a number of bug fixes.

Run.GPS has also seen a boost this week — perhaps these final days of summer are encouraging outdoor activities. Track them all with this Android app, monitoring your heart rate, mapping trails, and timing your workouts. The full Trainer version will cost you nearly $20, with a compass, custom screens, navigation and more.