The free Digital Recipe Sidekick app is like a sous chef for the everyday cook — it’s an interactive recipe reader and a digital cookbook in one. You can use the existing recipes, import recipes from, copy and paste recipes from the Web, or input them yourself. The best part is, you can even edit all of your recipes using this app. I love this because I’m constantly experimenting in my cooking with quantity of ingredients and different spices.

Using Android’s voice recognition technology, the Digital Recipe Sidekick reads recipes out loud, follows your commands and answers your questions. Choose to interact with Henri, your digital recipe sidekick, with speech and buttons, claps and button, or buttons only. For instance, say you forgot how many eggs you need; simply ask “How many eggs?” and the your digital cooking assistant will respond according to the recipe. You can also tell sous-chef Henri to read the next step when you are ready to move along in your recipe, or repeat the last step to ensure you didn’t miss anything.

In order to use the app’s voice functions, I had to first download the free Speech Synthesis Data Installer from the Marketplace on my Motorola Droid X. It weirds me out that although the sidekick is named Henri, the sidekick speaks with a woman’s voice.

Overall, this app makes me feel like I’m living in the “Jetson”-era with its brilliant ability to make life easier via voice technology. This app is going to change my life in the kitchen.