Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend! (LWP’s with Diamonds)

Jan 6, 2012

I love diamonds! Here are some live wallpapers featuring diamonds.

Diamonds Live Wallpaper

This LWP has real-time rendered glistening diamonds that sparkle and shine on a blue background.


Rain of Diamonds LiveWallpaper

Choose from a number of backgrounds including plain black, and watch glittering diamonds rain in the foreground! Very customizable, let’s you add other gems!


Diamond Hearts Live

This LWP has glittering diamond hearts in the foreground – you can individually choose which ones to display. There are 20 to choose from, and 10 backgrounds inlcuded. Tons of other features!


Diamond Butterflies Live

Diamond butterflies that fly in the foreground (individually select from 16) and a choice of 10 backgrounds or add your own! Tons of ways to customize this.


Diamond Skull Live Wallpaper

This diamond studded chrome skull on a black background shines and sparkles/


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