Ghosts, and goblins and monsters – oh my! A long, long time ago, on a dark and stormy night, the devil’s creatures came, took over a small village, and sent the townspeople fleeing. Tonight is the night you lead the peasants to take back the night and their town. Devil Hunter’s back-story might be weak, but the addictive puzzle action feels strong, and it might just keep you up all night playing.

It’s really a detailed and well-drawn physics puzzler. The devil’s creatures appear as short, stubby cuties: a skull, a Frankenstein-like creature, an evil pumpkin and others. They sit amongst a puzzle that includes swinging clubs, bombs, chains, destructible boxes and other objects with which you can interact. To solve each puzzle, you must kill all the creatures by pushing them into spikes or blowing them up. As an added bonus, the backgrounds and music match the ghoulish theme of the game very well.

The best part? The puzzles are very clever, perhaps more clever than the mother of all physics games, Angry Birds. As the levels get progressively harder, you’ll find yourself trying and failing several times before you figure the sequence and timing of the moves that will solve the puzzle and allow you to level-up. Keep winning and you can unlock new stages to keep playing for free. I got to level 38 before my deadline required me to put the game down to write this review. Check it out!