We already told you why we think the brand new WPS Office 7.0 app will make your Android device fully operational. It’s the best productivity app available for Android devices 2.3 and up, and will give you peace of mind to ditch bringing a laptop with you on personal or business travel.

Now we are providing you with under the hood insight from the app’s developers to further detail why you should download WPS Office or upgrade to 7.0 right away. Read on, or go here to download it on Google Play.

Appolicious: What are the most important new features of the WPS Office app that existing Android users should expect?

WPS Office: Here are the three most notable new features.

  • NEW USER INTERFACE: NEW USER INTERFACE: Inspired by Google’s Material Design, WPS Office for Android has been redesigned to make it even easier to view and edit documents from any mobile device

  • CLOUD SERVICES: Adds support for Evernote to its growing list of supported cloud services including Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive

  • DOCUMENT TABBING: A proprietary feature previously available only for WPS desktop that makes it easier to view, edit and manage multiple documents at the same time.

Appolicious: For newbies who have not experienced WPS Office on a mobile device, explain why so many people believe it is the best productivity application for touchscreen devices.

WPS Office: How often you are opening documents via email, especially on your mobile. We want to make sure what you see is the same on your mobile as your PC. You are able to work more quickly and efficiently. This includes the ability to edit the document, track changes and look at comments, change one number in the spreadsheet, save and send without compromise is a whole new level of productivity.

We were also the first to bring the full Android suite to Google Play for free and spent the past two years tweaking the app based on our global user base.

Appolicious: What makes your product suite unique?

WPS Office: With our suite of products you are able to leave your laptop at home. We have a very small footprint on the device and put documents, spreadsheets and PDFs all in one app. A few key differentiators are:

  • Tools for writing a school paper or white paper. WPS Office product comes with enhanced edit and tracking tools that allow editing on any device.

  • The ability to present directly from your Android. We have the most robust live presentation in the market. You can pass your phone or tablet in the room, project on a large screen, or provide a link across multiple devices if you are all running WPS Office. The app also provides a proprietary ink to have real time interaction with the presentation and underline or mark up the presentation in real time.

  • Tools to create a PDF on the go. WPS Office allows you to create a PDF,  view and share the document all on the go.

  • Cloud storage. We integrate with Evernote, Box, DropBox, Google Drive and OneDrive to use your existing cloud storage solutions.

Appolicious: For users still on the fence and deciding whether to download the app, explain how WPS will make their lives better.

WPS Office: The WPS Office 7.0 app allows you to be more productive on the go. With WPS you get all the features we built with feedback from our 330 million users and growing for free. Open documents from your email with WPS Office, edit on your device, track changes, create a PDF and share with co-workers or friends. It is that simple.

WPS Office 7.0 from Kingsoft Office Software can be downloaded from the Google Play store to devices running version 2.3 or later

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