Foodies are their own breed, hunting down the best restaurants, unique ingredients and living to tell the tale. And there’s no better foodie pairing than a wine connoisseur, bringing their own history and knowledge to the table. And if you’re a foodie, you probably enjoy a good glass of vino, too. To make your food and wine adventures all the more memorable, your faithful Android is by your side. Search recipes and restaurants, discover new wines and take notes and photos of labels. These Android apps will help you along your way, whether you’re an aspiring foodie or a well-aged bon vivant.

This Android app acts as a digital wine cellar for your notes, ratings and personal inventory. It’s a management app that helps you keep track of your personal experiences, translating them back to your home life. It’s a helpful note-taking tool you can refer to while you’re out shopping for a new wine, traveling in Napa Valley or merely introducing friends to your personal wine cellar. The full app comes with a bar code scanner for easy entry, photo uploads, and CSV or email export options for additional copies of your notes. You can track statistics of your wine journey, noting your average ratings, how many different wines you have, and your total cellar value.