For those who have never heard of the 1996 original, it may be too easy to peg Reckless Racing with guns. In reality it’s much more than that. While the game does share the same isometric view, its inclusion of weapons puts this vehicular combat gameplay in a class of its own. Developers Remedy Entertainment (of Max Payne fame) deliver this remake with the same explosive action they’ve always been known for.

Aside from longer-than-average loading times, Death Rally is perfectly tailored for mobile consumption. The races are incredibly short and even with three laps around the track, it’ll last you no longer than five minutes. While these short bursts are great for when you’re on-the-go, the chaotic gun gameplay leaves you wanting for more. Luckily, Remedy included deathmatch-style gameplay that sheds the racing aspect in favor of all-out vehicle combat.

With only a handful of vehicles and tracks available, the content is on the low side, though the developers attempt to keep the tracks fresh by mirroring or reversing a number to extend replayability. You’ll start the game with only one car available and can earn in-game cash to purchase additional vehicles to add to your arsenal. Of course, as this is a freemium game, players can just outright purchase the extra content.

You start out Death Rally with a measly weapon. As you will soon find, this pea shooter will slowly chip away enemy health, increasing the urge to drop the extra dollar for more weapons. Players can also upgrade their vehicles without making a purchase, though the progression is slow.

With a strong focus on intense car combat, Death Rally is a breath of fresh air. You’ll shred rubber with five AI combatants, though online multiplayer isn’t included. At times you’ll feel compelled to give in a few dollars, but Death Rally FREE is still a fun top-down racing experience.