First person shooter fans, take note — Battery Powered Games’ The basic design and textures of most rooms could have been taken right from any level of the original Goldeneye — tan brick floors and tan rock walls are the norm throughout. They certainly fit the bill, but adding some variety in future updates would be welcome.

That said, the ability to change camera views from over-the-shoulder mode to true first-person view is a welcome addition. Each camera tweak gives you a different view of the action and can sometimes mean the difference between clearing a level and perishing.

Word to the wise: If your DROID has a physical keyboard, give it a try. The Settings area gives you a solid overview of which key does what, and if you’re like me, you haven’t played many games using your directional pad lately. The multi-touch controls on-screen are equally solid, but movement can be tricky.

More tips: Don’t tap the fire button – hold it down to lay down some serious attacks. Running low on ammo? Click the “Wep” (weapon) button to switch to another weapon. When you begin a level, you’re given the chance to add up to three guns to your inventory. (Be choosy – the only way to swap guns is to restart a level.); from laser rifle to shotgun and bazooka, you won’t be lacking in the firepower department.Grab health kits as they drop to patch yourself up, dodge the ranged attacks of your foes, and switch weapons as you go to keep your ammo topped off. The end-level bosses are unique and can take a few moments to figure out, which was a welcome challenge given the repetitive nature of the game.

Overall, if you’ve got some time to kill, and enjoy late-90’s-era shooters with basic textures, Deadly Chambers is sure to satisfy.