The main page of the Daily Horoscope app shows an icon for each of the twelve different signs and the name for the signs, so you don’t have to be familiar with the symbol you’re looking for. You’ll need to just select one icon at a time to read through the name and date that it covers.

Inside each page there’s only a little bit of information. You’ll see the sign, dates, alias, today’s horoscope, and the sign main characteristics. The only thing in this app that will change each day is the daily horoscope. The rest of the information will stay static from day to day, so you’ll probably not need to look at it more than once.


The secret of a good horoscope is that independently if you believe it or not you can always feel that it is right to the point. The strength of this app is the quality of the horoscopes and the readability, this is why it was downloaded by more than ten million users and rated as much as 4.6.

This app does exactly what it says it will and nothing more. It would be great if it offered more functionality, but it is what it is. The app runs without crashing or any issues so definitely check this out if you enjoy following your horoscope.