Camera apps can make you a better photographer. I should know – my wife is a professional photographer so my ineptitude stands out regularly. Now, with Cymera I can produce some pretty cool photos without knowing a lot.

The app does a great job showing you how to use the features effectively. Upon launch, a helpful tutorial screen tells you how to zoom in and out (slide the shutter button right or left – a great and unique design), change the focus area, use timer or anti-shake elements, and more. If you’re in a hurry, you can ignore all the powerful features and just starting snapping pix, but spend a little time touring through the app and you’ll be rewarded with amazing shots.

For example, four auto-mode settings let you quickly capture good portrait, landscape, food or text photos without making any adjustments. You can also easily switch the lens to take photo booth-style multiple pictures and save them together in one image. Use the filters to dramatically change the color and lighting or edit your photo by cropping or rotating the image. One of my favorite features called “Beauty” alters head-shot photos by slightly slimming the face and making the eyes larger.

Save your finished work locally on your Android device or share it out to social networks like Facebook. Signing-up with the Cyworld service is not required to use the app, but if you do, you’ll gain access to additional filters and more options. Definitely worth trying, Cymera is one of the best camera apps for Android that I’ve used.

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