CVS/pharmacy Android app is a must-have for regular shoppers

Aug 30, 2012

Regular shoppers at CVS stores will definitely want to get the free CVS/pharmacy app for their Android devices, especially if they have prescriptions in the pharmacy. This smart app is the mobile way to manage your prescriptions. You can refill and transfer prescriptions using the CVS/pharmacy app. No more calling and waiting on hold forever!  And, customers can access their prescription history, which can come in handy during doctor’s visits.

A new feature of the app allows you to print photos directly from your Android device to the nearest CVS store. It’s a same-day photo service for free with same-day pickup. Now that is convenience!

The CVS/pharmacy app also gives shoppers direct access to the store’s weekly flyer full of deals so you can manage your shopping list. Your store loyalty card can also be synced to the app so you never have to worry about having the right keychain with you or carrying around another card in your already-stuffed wallet. Who doesn’t have more store cards in their wallet than actual money these days?

Of course, you can also shop with the app. And, there is QR code scanning function included in the app so you can scan items while shopping in store to get more information and potential savings. The app also includes information for CVS Minute Clinics including locations, hours, services and insurance types accepted.

Developer: CVS/pharmacy
Price: Free
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Kate Currin

Kate Currin, a techie who loves apps as much as shoes, is a freelance writer living in Chicago.

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