The origins of ringtones date to 1994 when Andre Gray created the first ring and presented it to the world. His invention became first downloadable application in the world and an ancestor of mobile gadget entertainment. Due to this invention, mobile phones managed to have their unique voices that express an uncommon personality of the owners.

However, there is another legendary personality in the history of mobile ringtones. Ralph Simons blazed the trail for pop songs as notification sounds in mid-1990s. Since then the choice of tones is like a personal badge that shows the world who people are.

All these inventions breathed life into thousands mobile apps that offer made notification tones or specialize in rings’ creation. Audiko app makes next step in mobile entertainment’s development. It is a worthy successor to making a phone sounds unique. The app combines a ringtone cutter and huge database of done ringtones in the one program. What really makes Audiko stand out is a daily-updated collection of tracks and high-quality wallpapers. Due to handy interface, users can get notification sounds and covers with eyes closed. Only two clicks and desired tone is set.

If the user wants to become ringtones’ creator, Audiko offers original tracks for cutting. Moreover, users can choose MP3 files from their phones and make ringtones as they like. Audiko simplifies the tones’ creation by providing user-friendly cutter. When users set the beginning and the end of desired part of the track, they have to press only “Done” button to make a tone. There are only two buttons “Fade in” and “Fade out” to regulate the intensity of the sound. Furthermore, Audiko offers the bunch of made ringtones that suits any taste. The intelligent search system is available for users in order to avoid endless scrolling.

The app contains also the catalog of genres which helps users to navigate the immense database. It includes not only general genres such as pop and rock but also less common genres indie, alternative, r&b, etc. Moreover, anime and movie fans are able to find and set favorite soundtracks as ringtones too. While competing ringtone apps provide their users with a list of notification sounds, Audiko offers weekly updated collections of rings from the most popular musicians. Further to this, authorized users receive collections dedicated to holidays and ceremonies of music awards.

The database contains also 10 000 HD wallpapers arranged in a handy daily-updated catalog. Rather than wasting time in searching for interesting ringtones, a few seconds is all you need to create or find and set exclusive sounds with Audiko app. Community includes 2 000 000 members who amaze their friends with uncommon rings and share their favorite sounds in social media. Its size is only 8 MB that makes the app fast and light.

Audiko has become viral in Israel and on Taiwan. Furthermore, the app has begun to take on European and North American markets and spread on other Asian markets too.