Whether it is an urban office myth or total truth, I shunned real sticky notes when I was told the little colorful organization helpers are not recyclable. However, I found the perfect alternative to use on my Android Device. The BugMe! Stickies Pro app for Android ($0.99) offers all the organizational fun of my beloved real-life sticky notes but in a green fashion. My eco-friendly soul can be reassured that I am not harming the Earth every time I need to scribble a note, which is a lot because I am a writer after all.

Whether you are a writer or just a little unorganized, you absolutely have to try this app on for size. These are truly 21st century sticky notes because they include alarms and alerts. Imagine if your old sticky note could talk to you, what would it say? “Stop procrastinating, do this now!”

Basically, you create a virtual cork board of sticky notes that you customize the exact way your heart desires including color preference. Then you add alerts and alarms so that your sticky notes do all the work for you—no more losing your sticky notes in a pile of papers on your desk. You can also send sticky notes to significant others, friends and coworkers via Facebook, Twitter and email.

Can you imagine letting your spouse know to pick up milk and toilet paper after work via Facebook sticky note with a cute little picture of the two of you as the background? Your sticky not dreams just came true with the BugMe! Stickies Pro app for Android. Happy sticking!